Reading Goals: 2017 Edition

It’s almost February, but since the blog wasn’t around at the start of last year and I’ve been busy travelling around New Zealand I thought I would share out a few reading goals for the year.

Unsurprisingly, whilst in New Zealand I acquired a couple of books on New Zealand history to bring home with me, they are:

  • The Penguin History of New Zealand by Michael King.
  • Far from ‘Home’: The English in New Zealand, edited by Lyndon Fraser & Angela McCarthy.
  • A book about Kakapo (the coolest of birds) which I can’t remember the title of because I am writing this in Cheshire and the book is in London.

I am planning on reading all of these pretty soon so keep an eye out for them on here.


I am particularly excited about Katherine Arden’s very pretty The Bear and the Nightingale, a book I received for free after becoming a platinum member on the Bookmarks website. I also got a couple of nice books over Christmas.

On Goodreads, where I used to review books before I shifted onto here, I have set myself the challenge of reading 85 books this year. I am currently one behind schedule (but that’s a bit unfair as the New Zealand Wars trilogy only counts as one book when it’s actually three).

My main goal this year though is in purchasing. I have decided to try not to buy ANY physical books this year. It’s OK to receive them as gifts, but otherwise I am going to try and get the e-book version or none at all. I have been a reluctant adopter of Kindle, but with very limited book storage space in my London room and a move to New Zealand to think about, I need to cut down on stuff (which is tough, because I love my stuff).

I’m hoping that this arbitrary if potentially money and space saving rule will finally force me to do something I’ve been trying to do for the last couple of years – catch up on the enormous backlog of books I acquired during my PhD. At the end  of my PhD I created a book spreadsheet to try and encourage myself to confront the huge disparity between books bought and books read – in some ways it has worked, book purchasing has gone down and the amount of books read has increased (2016 was a particularly good year if you don’t count Pelicans), but there is still a way to go. Talk about first world problems…

I’m also hoping this rule will make me read more of the many Pelicans I have acquired and thus make me feel less guilty about expanding the collection. It was great to actually start reading them last year and I have plenty more to keep me occupied (I think I could hit my year’s target just by reading Pelicans at this point).

That’s what I’m doing, or at least planning to do. How about you? What are your book-related goals for 2017? Your first one is, surely, subscribing to this blog? Right? Right?!


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