About Me

I like the simple pleasures in life. Reading, computer gaming, eating, drinking beer, sleeping, you get the gist. I have always loved books, and words. My mum claims some of the first words I said were ‘excavator’ and ‘combine harvester’, this is probably because when younger I loved farms and construction sites. Also it makes me sound like some kind of wunderkind so I am not going to argue with her. When at university one of the highlights for me was the feeling of having put together a well-crafted essay, slotting the wonderful words of the English language together like a difficult jigsaw puzzle to make a sensible argument about a random historical event or phenomenon.

Years of study have, among other things, given me oodles of time to read, both for ‘business’ and ‘pleasure’. My reading tastes are incredibly eclectic, as you will see from my goodreads page. I will read almost anything – literary fiction, classics, sci-fi, fantasy, non-fiction, crime thrillers – I’m easy. I love books not just as a pastime but as physical and aesthetic objects. My small room is basically one big book storage cupboard. I had the immense privilege of having access to the Bodleian Library in Oxford for several years, tiptoeing reverentially around its insanely beautiful interiors whilst I studied for my PhD. This blog is a way for me to share one of my perennial passions in life: a good (and occasionally a terrible) book.

When I am not stuck in a book, playing a computer game, or asleep, I am not turning my PhD thesis into a book and sort-of trying to come up with ideas for novels.


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